Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taking a break for now from activegoldengirls

My new blog

My dear family, extended family, relatives, friends as well as readers from all parts of the world,

Today's entry will be my 574th entry in since I started in 2008. I do not have that many readers like other popular blogs.  I included a CQ Counter in my blog several months back and according to the statistics the visitors who had come to this blog are as shown in the graph below.

When I started this blog 5 years ago I had wanted to focus on issues affecting the elderly as I belong to that age group.  Somehow the theme expanded and changed.  Lately my postings had focused a lot on the family, especially on my dear Father. 

As you can see from a few posts before this, my Father went back to his Maker on 25 January 2013, at the ripe old age of 101, 6 months short of his 102 birthday.   Since then, somehow, I had felt like taking a break from this blog. 

So with this entry I thank all of you who had visited activegoldengirls.  I am humbled by your interest.  I would also like to apologize to all my family members, extended family members and relatives for having published your pictures or made entries in this blog about you without your permission.  I may have taken you for granted.  If you wish to have your pictures removed, please let me know.  This blog would still be available, but I would not be making any new entry for the time being.  Maybe sometime in the future I would come back here. 

For those of you who would like to follow my new babbles, please visit which currently has only one entry. 

Thank you very much again.

Asia 300 111 411 48.15%
North America 224 373 597 35.96%
Europe 54 17 71 8.67%
Oceania & Australia 20 21 41 3.21%
South America 15 1 16 2.41%
Africa 10 6 16 1.61%

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要 開 開 心 心 過 每 一 天!

Our Father's 100th Birthday celebration on 24 July 2011

Our Father's 100th Birthday celebration on 24 July 2011

I am 100 today!

Wedding photos of Farouk and Azni on 15.7.2007

Wedding photos of Farouk and Azni on 15.7.2007
The bride and her mother

Sister Wan Lan in her splendorous Kebaya nyonya

The happy bride and groom

Sister Wan Lan greeting the bride's Mother

Zuraida, my Secretary who was with me for 6 years when I was still working in the Government, accompanied by her son

The Bride Azni with her best friend and bridesmaid Farah Fauzana

My sister Wan Lan on the extreme left standing with me and my closest friends of several decades (Meilina to my left, Esah sitting left and Norhayati sitting right)

Tan Sri Arshad and Tan Sri Shahrizaila arriving for the reception

Farah Fauzana (in the centre) with the bride's uncle and aunt

The bride's father and his grandson

Brother-inlaw Ching

Nephew Meng, his girlfriend Jane, Sister Wan Lan and good friend Ivy helping out with guest registration

Offering tea to grandfather Woon Sang Chew, as a mark of love and respect

My good friends Prof Noor Hadjar from UiTM and Hearry from MAS

The entrance to the hall

me in the middle and cousin in law Anita Woon

Fedelia and her best friends, Yin Lee and Amalia, the three pretty flower girls

Daughter Fedelia in a pensive mood

The main Table

The pelamin

Cutting the wedding cake

The Bridal procession party. From left: flower girls YinLee, Amalia, Deedee, little Sara, groom, bride, bridesmaid Fara Fauzana and best man Zul.

Whimsical flower girl niece Sara

Nephew Meng and girlfriend Jane

The happy couple and their young friends

Good friend Wan Zawiah's daughter Nadia contributing a song

Bride and Groom after the dinner

My three children L-R: Second son Farouk, only daughter and youngest Fedelia and elder son Feris